“Emily’s professional, kind, and motivating teaching style have taken my two girls to a whole new level with their violin playing.  I feel so fortunate to have found her.  My girls look forward to each lesson, and willingly practice in order to accomplish the clear goals Emily sets for them.”

-Angela Hind
“Emily is a truly gifted teacher! Her nurturing and inspiring style guides her students to refine their technique while they enjoy playing the violin. Emily uses lesson time very efficiently, better than any other violin teacher we have experienced. If not for Emily’s personality and approach, I believe my daughter would have stopped playing…yet she continues even during her busy high school years. I cannot say enough about how special is Emily Pfeifer.”
-Lisa VanWinkle, parent of an Emily Pfeifer student for 9 years
“We sought out Emily to teach our daughter viola because we saw in her an excellence as a teacher that inspired the admiration and respect of her peers and coworkers.  But perhaps more importantly, we love the pace and steadiness Emily offers.  While her work and insights with our daughter are invaluable, she doesn’t put too much pressure on her.  Our daughter is faithful to practice; but their times together are not intense.  She has perspective, remembering to smile, laugh, and take things in stride.  While a child can become excellent at an instument, they are, after all, still a child, requiring a gentle,  fun coming-alongside process.”
-Megan Stevens
“Emily is an inspiring teacher!  She is a superb player herself, and her teaching style is gentle, mixed with a strong dose of patience and acceptance making her studio truly a relaxing, safe and at the same time challenging environment.”
-Michelle Eckroth