Payment for the entire term of lessons is to be made in either one or two payments.  If you would like to make one payment, please either pay me directly, or send me a check for the entire term by the first lesson of the term.  If you would like two payments, 50% of the payment is due by the first lesson of the term, with the remaining 50% due one month later.  Please make all checks payable to Emily Pfeifer.  If it is necessary for a student to discontinue with lessons for any reason please provide written notice at least four weeks in advance of the end of the term.

In the event of an instructor cancellation, a make-up lesson will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time. There are no guarantees for make-up lessons due to student absence. However, if you give me at least 24 hours’ notice before an absence, you will be issued a make-up credit to be used before the end of the current term.

I hold studio recitals twice a year, in the fall and winter terms, and each student in my studio is highly encouraged to perform.  Each child will have an opportunity to rehearse with the recital accompanist in the performance space one week prior to the recital in a dress rehearsal.

Please bring to each lesson your violin or viola, a shoulder rest, all assigned music, and a notebook in which I will write down practice expectations for the following week.  Music and other materials can be purchased locally at Beacock Music, the Buy and Sell Center or the Eugene Violin Shop.  Online resources include Shar Music and Southwest Strings.

Forming a regular habit of focused practice is the key to progress on a difficult instrument such as the violin or viola.  Students just beginning their study of the instrument are encouraged to practice at least 15 minutes per day, 5-6 days a week. Oftentimes, these students will need parental assistance when they practice to follow the instructions given in their lessons and maintain correct playing posture and intonation; therefore parents of young beginning students should attend their lessons.  Older and more advanced students should practice at least 30-45 minutes a day.  Eventually the enjoyment of progressing to new ability levels will be the main motivator!  It is helpful to provide a dedicated time and quiet space for your child to practice.  They will need a music stand, metronome and tuner to help them effectively practice.

In order to guarantee a spot in my studio for fall term, I require that each student already in my studio take at least 5 lessons over the summer.  I have found that students who do not continue lessons through the summer months have a harder time finding motivation to practice, and experience frustration in the fall term.  Scheduling can be tricky during the summer months, so students sign up on a week-by-week basis for lessons, either by emailing me your preferred times, or by stopping by my teaching studio to sign up in the summer lesson scheduling binder.